Back to School Crafts for Kids: Scrapbook

A scrapbook is the perfect way for your child to record all her favorite school memories. Parental supervision is required for this craft, which is rated average in difficulty level.

What You'll Need

2 scrapbook pages (12"x12")
paper crimper
wavy ruler
solid red paper (12"x12")
yellow acid free paper
school-themed stickers
acid-free adhesive


Trace the wavy Ruler 12 times onto the red paper. Cut the 12 sections out.

Run each section through the paper crimper.

Attach the strips around the edges of both pages using the adhesive. This will create a border.

Use scissors to cut out 6 ovals in order to create a fun pattern.

Attach ovals to the pages with adhesive

Decorate with stickers as desired.

Fill in with pictures, mementos and journaling.