Back to School Activities for Kids: Book Club

Starting a book club is a back to school activity that's an easy way to get kids motivated about reading and learning. Plus, it's the perfect solution to rainy Saturday afternoons. Creating a book club also helps kids stay on track when it comes to their reading, because their enthusiasm will help keep one another motivated. Who knows, before long you could even have a group of budding authors on hand!

Book Club Ideas

Send out fun invitations. For example, you can use a bookmark that gives you enough space to clearly indicate the time and place of the first book club meeting as well as the title of the first book. You can rotate being the book club host with other moms and parents on a weekly basis.

Before the meeting, get kids to read the same book or specified chapters. Then meet for snacks and discussion. The host can come up with five discussion questions (such as what part did you like best? who was your favorite character?). If readers are very young, you can read the book aloud as they listen and look at the pictures. They can even draw pictures based on their favorite parts of the book at the end of story time.

If kids like, you can choose a theme to books (for example, mystery, adventure, science-fiction).

Happy reading!