Back to School Activities for Kids: Bus Stop Bagel Bash

Hosting a neighborhood bus stop bagel bash is a great tip for kicking off the upcoming school year in an exciting new way. Simply invite local families on your kids' bus to school for a delicious treat the day before school. If your community has a walk to school group, you can meet up at a convenient spot along your route too. This activity is so fantastic because it lets families get to know each other better, as well as welcome new families to the neighborhood. Plus, this back to school idea is not only fun for kids and parents, but also a neat way to get the little ones back into the school routine.

Bus Stop Bagel Bash Ideas

In order to invite your guests to the party, you can either simply call your neighbors or hand-deliver invites to your neighbours' mailboxes. A fun idea is to write out invitations on colorful paper napkins.

An example of an invitation is as follows:

You're Invited to A Bus Stop Bagel Bash
WHY: To rehearse for the first day of school and to start off a great school year!
WHO: All families at the bus stop on Main Street who wait for the #76 bus to Main Street Elementary
WHEN: The day before school, September 3 at 8:15 (our usual pick up/meet time!)
WHERE: The Main Street bus stop (Main Street Parkette picnic table if you're a walking group) BRING: An appetite! Treats will be provided by the Smith family.

Treats can be simple. Bagels, muffins, fruit and other delicious breakfast faves that are fuss-free finger foods are great for the kids, as are juice boxes. Bring along a thermos of coffee for the adults.

If you like, you can even decorate a small red wagon with streamers and bring along a picnic blanket.

Tip: Have the kids make a card for the bus driver that everyone at the party signs. Hand to him or her on the first day of school, along with a bagel and some juice or coffee in a brown paper bag that can be enjoyed on break.


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