Affordable Home Decorating Tips for Every Household

Mom's Room: Home Home—that sense of belonging somewhere. Our lives are often so hectic that we spend little time enjoying the comforts our homes can afford us.

It may be that we don’t feel ‘at home’ in our homes. This dilemma can usually be solved with some simple home décor. Pick the furniture, room colors and knick knacks that really fit your personality; highlight the parts of your home that you love with favorable lighting; tidy up the clutter that is bogging your mind down. You can try some feng shui techniques to help your karma or take some simple decorating tips.

When you're decorating your home, don't forget to spruce up the outside as well as the inside. Container Gardening is an easy way to have some botantical life adorning your home all year long.

Do you find that every winter, you can't help but feel stuffed up and sneeze all the time? If you just assume it's a long, lingering cold, you could be wrong. Winterizing and Your Allergies tells you how saving a few dollars on your energy bill could be costing you your health.

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