Mother's Day

Mother's Day is officially celebrated on the second Sunday of May in North America. It is a time when families join together to honor a very important person in their lives - their mother. Read about the fascinating history of Mothers Day.

In preparation for the big day, children busy themselves making beautiful Mother's Day crafts. How about pampering mom with homemade bath salts. Or, bring the spa to your home by giving her some moisturizing handmade soaps. A very practical gift that she'll enjoy for a long time is a lavender-scented sachet. Once your gift is done, wrap it up and attach your own gift card with a pretty ribbon.

Kids love creating their own Mother's Day cards; and when they make cards themselves, the occasion is always more memorable. Kids will love making and giving these pretty pop-up flower cards. Mom will also be charmed when she receives a professional looking photo card made by yours truly.

Of course, moms can't wait to receive their Mother's Day flowers. Did you know that red carnations are the official flower of the day?

Meanwhile, fathers dash around looking for that special Mother's day gift. If that's you and you're in search of winning mother's day gift ideas, we have a few suggestions for unique mothers day gifts. Homemade gifts are always much appreciated because they are so personal. This year, how about creating your own Mother's Day gift basket or a Mother's Day photo quilt.