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Here you can chat with other moms about all your important questions and concerns and get some great advice from moms in the know about how to best handle all of the tasks one needs to accomplish in a mom's world.

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Forum Topics

If you just had a baby and need other new moms to chat with then this is the place for you. Get the support and advice you need to adjust to your new role as a parent.
Chat with other moms about great toddler activities that will keep your little one entertained for hours. Also get important toddler health tips and find out more about toddler nutrition.
School Age
Is your child having trouble adjusting to school and you need some advice on how best to help? Or maybe you are starting to feel a bit of empty nest syndrome and need some other moms to talk to? Get help with your adjustment and also get great ideas for educational child activities.
Moms Room
Escape into a room without children and enjoy talking with other moms about ways to relax and unwind. Also get great suggestions for holiday crafts, recipes, and home décor.
Baby Showers
Share your creative ideas for throwing the best baby shower for your mom-to-be and enjoy this great source of inspiration for baby shower ideas. Hear from other baby shower hosts about what works and what doesn’t and even talk to the mom herself about the favorite part of her baby shower.
Raising a child with disabilities can sometimes be overwhelming. Chat with other parents with similar experiences and get advice on the best treatments and therapies for your child. Also find that shoulder to lean on when it all gets to be just a bit too overwhelming.
Every parent is always worried about their child’s development. Is their child on schedule? Is their child “normal?” Ease your fears by talking to other parents and learn more about the individualism of each child, the natural progression of each child’s developmental time-line, and also find out when you should be concerned that something is not right.