Mom's Room

Being a mom is a hectic and fruitful life, but we recognize that a woman’s life is filled with so much more than being ‘Mom.’ That’s why we’ve provided you with ‘Mom’s Room’— a place where women can get information on all those other important aspects of their lives such as finances and term life insurance.


Matters of the mind always weigh on our lives, so head over to our Mind section and get information on how to cultivate a healthy state of mind. Find out ways to optimize your brain potential—it’ll make all the difference in how you live and feel. We’ve also got lots of information on relationships, because positive relationships mean a happy life. And because even healthy relationships fight, find out how you can keep a dispute with your significant other clean and constructive.

As a parent, you are also entrenched in relationships with your kids. Read up on parenting styles, dealing with children and divorce, plus get some parenting advice along the way. Every bit of information helps!


In our health section, find out how your diet affects your health, read about PMS, the latest on postpartum depression, osteoporosis, endometriosis and more.

Fitness plays a significant role in your health. Exercising 30 minutes three times a week has immeasurable health benefits. Find out some fun exercise methods that anyone can do. But if exercise still isn't giving you the body that you want, no matter what you do, there's nothing wrong with getting a bit of extra "help" through inexpensive cosmetic surgery.

Some women love cooking while other mom's schedules just don't allow for the time it takes to cook. Cooking at home has significant advantages it's more economical and it's usually healthier! We've got some recipes for those who are short on time and for beginner cooks. Our recipes have all been tested, and they're sure to win your family and friend's approval!

Beauty And Style

Find out how to make the most of your home, like incorporating the benefits of feng shui into your decorating, dealing with the indoor air that's so bad for our allergies, and more.

"Keeping house" brings on a whole new meaning when you're talking about your outer beauty. Check out our style section for tips on your wardrobe and fashion updates.

Mom's Room is here for you night and day throughout the year. Looking for easy Christmas crafts to do with your kids? Want to make some fun Valentines decorations? Or how about doing some fun family activities? Just look up seasonal for lots of great ideas.

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