Halloween Recipes

Whether you're throwing a party, or just want to make some special Halloween treats for you family and friends, we've got treats that will make even the most grumpy goblin squeal with delight.

Satisfy a sweet tooth with the Halloween tradition of Caramel Apples.  These sticky snacks are always a hit.  If you want to mix things up a bit or give your kids a rattle try serving them our Batty Cupcakes.  Or, get your kids in a real Halloween mood with our fantastic Chocolate Spiders.  They are so easy to make that even the littlest ghouls will want to get in on the fun.

Halloween isn't just for the kids though. For the adults coming over for a Halloween celebration, pull out your cauldron and mix up a batch of Green Grog. Its guaranteed to make your hair stand on end and ensure your guests a good time. For the kids and adults who like their potions soft, there's are delicious  Witches Brew. The frozen hand is a real scream!

Happy Halloween!