Back to School Activities for Kids: Science Party

Want to inspire the scientist in your little ones? This magical back to school activity is a terrific idea for gearing up kids to head back to class. With just a few basic supplies you can find around the house or pick up at the store, you'll have your own little science lab in the comfort of your home.

Science Party Ideas

Invitations can be printed on science-themed cards; for example, you can use cards that feature rocket ships or planets.

Food for the party can be simple; try some yummy but easy to make wrap 'n roll tortillas or even some delicious after school snack ideas like apple and chocolate dip or double berry graham bites.

There are a variety of different activities and games that you can include in your kid's science party. Here are some fun ideas:

Fingerprint lift:
Play detective with this unique game. Have kids press their fingertips on a pocket mirror. Cover the entire fingerprint with graphite dust by rubbing a soft pencil with sandpaper. Blow gently in order to remove excess dust.

Next, carefully stick a strip of tape to the print and peel off gently. Stick the tape to a piece of white paper in order to get a distinct print.

Rocket balloon:
This activity lets your little scientists transform balloons into rockets. Plus, it's a great way to let kids learn about Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion, that is, for every action, there is an equal and oppose reaction. This law is demonstrated in the fact that the balloon gets its lifting power from air rushing out of its neck.

You'll need long, torpedo-shaped balloons, a drinking straw, string and tape for this back to school activity.

In order to create each rocket, securely tape one end of a long string to the ceiling. Next, thread a drinking straw onto the string. Stretch the string out until it is taut and tape the other end to the floor.

Have each child inflate one balloon and keep the neck pinched shut while you tape it to the straw.

While everyone holds their balloons near to the floor, count down to takeoff and wait to see whose balloon travels fastest and highest.

What am I?:
A scientific spin on a classic party game. This activity requires index cards, pens or markers and tape.

Inscribe the index words with science-related terms, such as magnet, microscope, or constellation. Then tape a different word to each guest's back without letting him or her read it.

Next, everyone tries to figure out their identies by walking around and asking fellow scientists questions that have a yes or no answer. For example, "Do I move around?" and "Do you need a microscope to see me?"

The first child who says the word on his or her back wins the game, but encourage the group to keep playing until all children have guessed correctly.


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