Back to School Crafts for Kids: Beadie Buddies

Beadie buddies are an adorable craft for the kids to make this back to school season. A good craft choice for ages 7 and up, this craft makes a fun keychain or backpack decoration, and will have the kids excited to hit the books again!


beadie pattern (you can make this by creating a simple sketch of the pttern of your choice, including what colored beads will go where. For example, patterns can include a puppy, kitten or skateboard)
clear plastic jewelry cord
solid-colored pony beads in the colors of your choice
key rings


Count out the number of beads you'll need, according to the pattern of your choice.

Consult the pattern to find out how much cord is required prior to cutting it. Then, find the middle of the cord and tie it to the key ring.

According to your pattern, thread beads onto cord. Tie off according to the place where your pattern indicates.

A personalized pencil case and pencil toppers are other great back to school crafts for kids.