Back to School Crafts: Cucumber Pencil Topper

An easy back to school craft that the kids will love to make. This craft is simple, but parental supervision is required.

What You'll Need

1 medium oval Woodsie
2 Chenille stems or pipe cleaners, in colors of your choice
wire cutters
green craft paint
2 (6 mm) Wiggle eyes
thin black permanent marker (you can also use a white "Painters" paint marker)
tacky glue


Paint the oval using green craft pain. Allow the shape to dry.

Cut the chenille stems in half. Set aside extra pieces for a future project.

Twist one pair of chenille stems together.

Glue on two wiggle eyes to the oval.

Using the white marker, draw the tooth of the cucumber.

Next, using the thin black marker, draw on the cucumber's mouth and nose.

Glue the shape onto the chenille stems. Twist around the top of your pencil.

Tip: Altneratively, you may use colored construction paper cut into the shapes listed above in place of the Woodsies. Cardstock is best because of its durability.