Make an attractive accessory for dad’s desk, either at home or in the office. For this project, you will need a wooden doorknob, some paint and a paintbrush, wood or some other type of durable glue and oven-bake clay.

1. Decorate the doorknob with paint.

2. While the paint is drying, use the oven-bake clay to make different objects from dad’s favorite activity. If he enjoys barbequing or cooking, then you can make little tongs and a chef’s hat. If sports are his thing, then roll out some soccer balls, a catcher’s mitt and maybe a hockey stick. Bake the clay according to the instructions. In some cases, you may be able to use the real thing, like a golf ball and a tee.

3. Once the clay shapes have been baked and cooled down and the paint on the doorknob has dried, use the glue to attach the shapes to the doorknob. To give the paperweight a sturdy base, glue the objects to the smaller, flat side of the knob.