Shirt & Tie Card

This fun card will help dress up any Father’s Day gift and is a fun craft for kids. For this project, you’ll need these craft supplies:

  • An empty cereal box
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Markers and other art supplies
  • Glue
  • Ruler

1. Using the scissors, cut one side of the cereal box into a 5 x 8 inch rectangle. Place the cardboard rectangle into the center of a white piece of construction paper (regular plain white paper is also fine). The shortest sides of the cardboard should be at the top and bottom, while the white paper should have its longest sides at the top and bottom.

2. Fold and glue down the paper so that all of the cardboard is completely covered.

3. Now use a second sheet of white paper to cut out two 2 x 2 inch squares. Fold the squares diagonally so that they form a triangle. Open them up again and glue half of the squares onto the back of the top of the cardboard. The line that was formed in the paper when the squares were folded should run parallel to the top of the cardboard. Once glued, the cardboard should have two triangular peaks sticking up at the top. You now have your "shirt" and "collar".

4. Next, it’s time to make the tie. To do this, use a different colored sheet of construction paper and cut out another 2 x 2 inch square. But this time, fold it in half to make a rectangle. This will be the knot of your tie and should be placed (but not glued) centered and under the collar.

5. Using the same sheet of construction paper, cut out a 7 x 3 inch rectangle. To give your tie a point at the bottom, fold the bottom corners in (this should be the 3-inch side).

6. To give your tie the proper shape, divide the top (the non-folded 3-inch side) of your tie into three parts, 1 inch apart. You should end up with two marks on your tie. From these marks, use your ruler to draw a straight line down and out towards the bottom corners. Cut along the lines you have just drawn to get a perfectly shaped tie.

7. On the long part of the tie that you have just made, decorate and write a special message for dad. Then assemble the tie together by gluing the long part of the tie under the knot that you made

8. Before you glue the tie onto the shirt, use your markers and other art supplies to decorate the shirt. When you are done, glue the knot of your tie onto the center of your shirt. Don’t glue the longer part down.

9. Next, fold and glue down the collar triangles so that they stay in place over part of the tie knot. If you want, you can write a special, secret message to dad underneath the tie. When dad lifts the tie up, he’ll get a surprise "I love you!"