First Father’s Day

Need some craft ideas for dad’s first Father’s Day? Since your baby is probably not able to actually make her own gift just yet, help her out a little bit by dipping her hands and/or feet in paint. Then plant those colored paws down on a piece of paper or a paper plate.

Accompany the prints with a poem (you can use them as a frame for the poem) and you have a great gift for dad’s first Father’s Day.

If you’re not a natural poet, then you can find many great Father’s Day poems on the net. Or use this short little poem for the gift or in a Father’s Day card.

I may not be so big
But I’m growing everyday
And before you even know it
My little prints will be faded away.

The years, how they fly by
It all happens just too fast
And one day you’ll realize
Those young days never last

So place these precious prints
Up there on your wall
And you can always remember me
When I was this small