Father's Day Cards

Why spend a fortune on store bought Father's Day cards that have someone else's message printed inside.  Instead, have some fun making a Father's Day card with your kids this year. These homemade cards will go great with any Father's Day gifts that your children have made and each card can be created to uniquely reflect the child's personality and character.

Here's a fathers day gift and a fathers day card all in one. Give Dad a Hand fathers day card is fun to make and give!  Learn how to make your own and have fun this Father's Day.

This shirt and tie fathers day card is very smart looking and is another great fathers day craft. You can even write a secret message for dad under the tie that no one else will be able to see!

Enjoy this Father's Day with homemade cards.  Your kids will enjoy making them and dad will appreciate the effort his kids made to give him a happy Father's Day.  And as an extra bonus, making your own Father's Day cards is free!