Tips for Celebrating Father’s Day

Looking for some new ways to enjoy Father’s Day? Then use these Father’s Day celebration ideas to start a new Father’s Day tradition in your family.

Show’s On
All kids have a little bit of the thespian in them so help bring out their inner actor with a special play just for dad! Create a funny or special story about how important dads are. Maybe there’s a particular "dad moment" that the kids want to recreate. Whatever you do, be sure to give dad the best (and comfiest) seat in the house. And then sit back and enjoy the show!

Eat Out
Going out for a nice family dinner can be very enjoyable. Since it’s his special day, let dad pick out the restaurant. However, if you have young children who don’t appreciate fine dining and would rather spend their meal running around screaming, eating indoors may not be as pleasant as you would like. But don’t try to hinder your children’s energy. Instead, get a meal to go or make a picnic and head outdoors. Enjoy the day together as a family free from telephones, televisions and computers. Soak up the sun, play a game of catch, go for a walk and run around with your kids.

Treasure Hunt
Make dad work for his Father’s Day presents this year by hiding them around the house. You and your kids can create a treasure hunt, complete with clues, ahead of time. Then, before dad wakes up on Father’s Day, set up the hunt. Don’t forget to throw in a few red herrings to keep dad on his toes.

Get Active
Many charities hold special fundraising events on or around Father’s Day. If there is a particular organization that is important to Dad or your family, then get together and participate in a charity walk to help raise money for a good cause. This is not only a great way to give, but it also helps to raise your children’s awareness of social causes.

Remember Those Passed
People may be gone but that doesn’t mean they are forgotten. If your or your partner’s father or grandfather has passed away, then plan a trip to his grave on Father’s Day. Buy some fresh flowers that your children can place on the grave.

Share stories of your favorite moments with dad or grandpa with your children and remember the words of poet Anne Sexton this Father’s Day:

It doesn’t matter who my father was; it matters who I remember he was.