Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids: Winter Wonderland Fun

During the winter months, it is easy to want to stay inside, curled up by the fire and drinking hot chocolate. While this can provide a wonderful setting for some family togetherness, why don’t you make the moment all the more special by enjoying the outdoors first? Our outdoor winter activities guide will have you feeling like a kid again!

In the Lane
In the winter, there are many things that families can do together. A light snowfall can make a stroll through a nearby ravine or even in your neighborhood magical. Once the snow has stopped falling, enjoy the beautiful white stuff by building a snow family in your yard. Or build a snow fort in your backyard that your kids can play in. You can even build snow sculptures. Invite your kids’ friends over and have a snow-sculpture competition. Use the snow in your driveway to make the chore of shoveling much easier later on.

One of the all-time favorite winter activities for kids (and those young at heart) is toboggoning. Tobaggoning is a simple winter activity that is always lots of fun: all you need to enjoy this activity is something to slide down a hill. Even the very young in your family can have some fun as long as they go down a small hill with an adult.

Snow is Glistening
Speaking of hills, skiing is another popular sport that many families enjoy. If you live near a ski hill, then take advantage of it as much as you can. Organizing a family ski-trip, for weekend or a week, is a great way to beat the winter blahs.

However, you don’t need hills to go skiing. Cross-country skiing, sometimes referred to as backcountry skiing, simply requires a stretch of flat land. Plus, it is much more physically demanding than downhill skiing, so you and your family can get a much better work out.

Telemark Skiing
Perhaps you’d like to try both downhill and cross-country skiing. Or maybe you and your family have been downhill skiing for years and are looking for a new challenge. Then why not try telemark skiing? Named after the region in Norway were it originated, telemark (pronounced "tale-a-mark", not "tel-mark" or "tellie-mark" as some people seem to think) skiing uses skis that are similar to cross-country. On downhill skis, your toe and heel are locked down to the ski. However, because your heel is free to lift up on telemark skis, you have the ability to make stable and controlled turns. Additionally, climbing up hills and doing cross-country skiing is much easier with this type of ski and that means you can go exploring off the beaten path if you want.

Sleigh Bells Ring
Skating is a fantastic winter activity for kids because it gets them active. Outdoor rinks ensure you and your children get lots of fresh air, while an indoor rink will let you have fun even when the weather outside disagrees with you. If you don’t know how to skate but your kids do, then don’t sit by the sidelines. Ask them to teach you. Seeing you learn a new skill with enthusiasm and a positive attitude will help them realize that you’re never too old to be taught a new trick.

Snow Shoveling
While this winter activity should be reserved for adults, feel free to give your child a play shovel to play along! While snow shoveling is an excellent way to keep physically fit during the winter months, this winter activity should be exercised with special caution, as it can lead to aching muscles and a sore back, and even cause more serious problems. However, when done correctly, snow shoveling can be a fun, invigorating physical activity.

Another thing your children will learn when they enjoy all these winter physical activities is that being active is fun! Getting your body moving is an important part of staying healthy. Teaching your children that winter is just as good a season as any to enjoy the outdoors will help set them on the right path when it comes to exercise.

Now that you’ve worn yourself and your children out by frolicking in the snow all day, go ahead and relax by a crackling fire. Make some delicious strawberry brownies and warm apple cider and gather around for some relaxing family time.