Beautiful Beads

A perfect indoor activity for your children, this easy winter craft will keep the kids busy and is a great way for them to work together.

What You'll Need

  • air-hardening clay
  • wire
  • bowl or box on which to place the wired beads in order to let them dry
  • paintbrush
  • paint
  • water soluble varnish
  • thread


Make balls out of the clay in whatever size and shape you wish. Generally, smaller beads work better for a necklace while chunkier beads are better suited for a bracelet.

Push wire through the center of each ball, wiggling it slightly in order to create a small hole. Let rest on a bowl or box in order to air dry; leave until clay has completely hardened.

Paint the beads and decorate as you desire. Leave the wires in the beads while painting. Follow painting with varnish.

Next, remove the wire and thread the beads in order to create your desired piece of jewellery.

Source: 365 Things to Make and Do