Paper Flowers

An easy way to brighten up a dreary winter day is to make paper flowers. This winter craft for kids makes a nice centerpiece for your dinner table and can even be arranged in pretty glass jars to give as a gift.

What You'll Need

  • glue
  • assorted colors of tissue paper
  • florist's wire
  • green florist's tape
  • scissors

Instructions: Poppies

Scrunch up tissue paper and then glue onto one end of a piece of wire; this will make the center of your poppy.

Next glue the square of green tissue paper over the center of the poppy. Make the stamens by rolling a black-fringed piece of tissue paper around the center of the poppy.

Glue on petals individually. Arrange them with your fingers to make the petals look more real.

Lastly, use green florist's tape in order to make the base of the flower tidier and also to hide the wire.

Instructions: Fantasy Flowers

These pretty flowers are made from layers of differently-colored flower shapes.

Start by cutting the shape for the base of the flower.

Layer two or three different colors of tissue paper together; next, cut out a flower shape. Your next step is to create a small hole in the center of the flowers.

Then, wind a small piece of paer around wire in order to make the center of the flower.

Use glue in order to attach the sepal (the green layer that protects the flower)to the flowers.

Use florist's tape to neaten the appearance of the flower and to hide the wire underneath.

Source: 365 Things to Make and Do