Hanukkah Recipes

The funniest part of Hanukkah is the fact that you have permission, in fact an obligation, to eat fried foods dripping in oil.  How else can you celebrate the festive of lights and the miracle of the oil?

One of the best ways to enjoy this tradtion is by cooking your favorite Hanukkah treats with our simple, easy-to-follow recipes.  Everything you need to have a real Hanukkah celebration is right here.

No Hanukkah celebration is complete without at least one helping of those delicious and classic potato latkes, also known as potato pancakes.  Find out how easy they are to make and wow your guests with this holiday favorite.  Serve them with our delicious and delectable applesauce and you'll have a feast meant for remembering the redication of the Temple.

Another holiday treat are yummy deep-fried donuts. Serve up these jelly-filled treats in no time with our simple recipe found here.  These donuts are so good that your guests won't believe that you made them yourself!

Also discover how to make that holiday classic, Hanukkah gelt.  These chocolate candies are so good they will melt in your mouth and leave your kids begging for more.  Why waste money on an inferior product at the store when you can easily make the best gelt ever at home?

If you are looking for something new to serve this Hanukkah, then check out our festive rice krispie shapes.  This dessert is a long time favorite with an added twist.  Find out how you can turn this yummy snack into the Star of David or holiday snow flakes.