Hanukkah Decorations

The festival of lights is upon us and its time to get into the mood to celebrate another wonderul Hanukkah holiday. Try sprucing up your Hanukkah festivities with our great ideas for Hanukkah decorations.  Get your kids involved in making them and tell them the story of Hanukkah as you go about creating decorations.  It can be educational and fun.

This year, decorate the house with these simple, homemade Hanukkah decorations. They can even double as gifts!  A homemade menorah is a beautiful ornament for your windowsill.  Let your kids each make their own and then they can all participate in lighting the Hanukkah candles in their own homemade menorah.

Why use the same-old boring store bought candles year after year? Our homemade candles are a perfect complement to a homemade menorah and your kids will have a great time making them. Our candles are made from sheets of yellow, ivory and olive, and will add soft, beautiful color to your home.  Your friends will also love receiving these wonderful gifts and they make a great holiday present for any Hanukkah party.