Spring Activities for Kids: Fun Outdoor Activities for Your Children

As a mom, you want to ensure that your kids stay active in order to stay healthy. Outdoor exercise is an excellent way in which to ensure that your children keep fit. In addition to gardening with your kids, there are a variety of exercises that can help keep your children healthy during the spring months, including:


Bike Riding

Bike riding is a great exercise for children because it’s lots of fun and they can ride either alone or with their older siblings. Start your toddler off on training wheels; it is crucial that all children wear helmets while bike riding, no matter what their age or skill level, as this is the only way in which to prevent serious head injury. Bike riding is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that builds strong leg muscle, balance and coordination.


Kite Flying

Flying a kite is another one of the great spring activities for kids in which the whole family can participate. Flying a kite is proven to be an exercise that has health benefits because it exercises all of the major muscle groups of the body. Plus, with adult supervision, it can be done by children of all ages.

In addition, you can even make your own kites, using garden twine or thin, lightweight pieces of wood for the spine of the kite, strong paper in whatever color you wish, a long sturdy piece of string and scotch tape or glue to assemble the kite.



The benefits of swimming are excellent for children of all ages and in fact, the rewards of this exercise even benefits babies. It is safe to enroll yourself and your child in mother-baby swimming classes once your baby has reached six months old. Swimming classes for baby are an enjoyable experience as babies love the buoyancy of water as well as the freedom of motion that it provides, which is similar to that they experienced in the womb. Plus, swimming is an excellent exercise for new moms, as it helps to rebuild muscle mass and strength.

For older kids, including preschoolers, swimming builds muscle tone, as well as promotes cardiovascular health. Swimming is considered to be the most beneficial exercise because it works more muscles than other forms of exercise. Enrolling your kids in swimming lessons will also help build confidence, grace and poise.

Of course, it is essential that children be properly supervised when in and around a pool area, whether it be a private or public pool. Children who are not able to swim on their own or tread water should always wear a working life vest. Parents should also monitor their children when on a public beach, even if it is supervised by lifeguards.