Soothe Your Crying Baby

Sometimes, the solution to your baby's crying is clear as day. He's hungry, so you feed him. Perhaps he just soiled his diaper, so you put on a fresh one. But what about when you can't figure out why your baby is crying?

Gas Problems
It's very common for newborns to suffer from uncomfortable gas. Although they usually outgrow these difficulties by three or four months, you may need to help them get relief once or twice before then.

To relieve the gas and stop the crying, try laying your baby on his back and gently pumping his legs. If that doesn't work, then gently rub his stomach in a downward motion, as though you were digging in the ground. Try this two or three times and then gently bring his knees up to his chest. This will hopefully do the trick, but if it doesn't, then gently rub his stomach in a clockwise motion two or three times. Bring his knees up to his chest again to help him pass the gas.

If you breastfeed, try adjusting your feeding routine so that you can help prevent the gas in the first place. Keep your little one's head above his stomach. Doing this will help to slow down the flow of milk, which will keep him from swallowing too much air.

Your baby might be crying if he feels too cold or too warm. Have your baby wear a lot of layers, and adjust the layers to suite his perfect comfort level.

Secondary Needs
Perhaps your baby just wants some attention. The easiest solution is to pick him up and hold him! If you've just spent the evening at a family function where everyone was "oohhing" and "aahhing" over your little one. Your baby is probably sick of the limelight and would like to spend some quiet time away from everyone. Find a quite place and sit with your baby until the tears stop.

There are times when babies cry for reasons that parents just can't identify. If you're not sure what is causing your baby's tears, then try some of these tried and tested methods.

The Power of Touch
It's amazing how touch and skin-to-skin contact can calm a crying baby. Try giving your baby a gentle massage to ease his tears.

One popular method of stopping a baby's tears is to put him in a front carry pack or sling carrier and walk around with him. Sing, talk and hum to him while you go about your day. The close contact to your body will let your baby feel safe and warm. In fact, a study done in Montreal, Canada found that babies who were carried around by their mothers often cried less than babies who weren't carried. So strap them into that front pack and do your chores!

Good Vibrations
Put your baby in their car seat and place them on top of the washer or dryer while it's running. Many babies love the constant vibration this affords. Just make sure you hold on to that seat the entire time.

Another method that thousands of parents swear by is the car ride. Whether it's the movement or the change of scenery, car rides have stopped the tears of many babies. Try to find a route with a lot of right turns so that your little one doesn't start crying again at every stop.

Move Around
Movement is a great baby soother. Pick your baby up and gently dance and sway with him in front of a mirror. They'll enjoy the movement and being able to see themselves.

Just like us, babies can get bored with their surroundings. So if you've been inside all day, take a stroll outside. If you've been outside all day, then head inside.

If you have a bouncy chair, place your baby in it and swing a receiving blanket or burp cloth in front of their face. Play peek-a-boo with him!

White Noise
White noise can be especially soothing for many babies. Try running the vacuum, the dishwasher or a hair dryer. You can also tune the radio to a static station and let your baby listen to that. Just be sure to keep the volume low.

If all else fails, then try setting a calming mood. Dim the lights, put on some white noise, wrap your baby up in some warm blankets and just let him enjoy the mellow atmosphere.

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