Baby Formula

When buying infant formula, it's not always easy to know which brand to buy. Baby formula comparisons can often make each baby formula seem pretty much the same. And when you compare ingredients, baby formula can appear to be a foreign language.

A safe bet when buying baby formula is to go for the well-known brands. Similac formula and Nestle baby formula are two of the best-known names. Nestle Good Start Formula, which is also packaged under the name Carnation Good Start Formula, is one of the most purchased infant formulas out there. A popular Similac baby formula brand is the Similac Advance Infant Formula. Enfamil baby formula is also a well-known name with many families.

One concern of many parents is whether their baby formulas are a cow's milk or soy formula. Since cow's milk is not easily digestible by babies, a soy formula is usually preferred, at least for infant formula feeding. There is also organic baby formula for parents who are concerned about additives in their baby's formula.

Since it can be expensive to buy formula, free baby stuff given to parents usually includes free baby formula samples or, at least, baby formula coupons.