Baby Food

Within the first six months, pediatricians advise that mothers breastfeed their babies, as breast milk is the best food there is to help your little one grow properly. At six months, a mother can start introducing solid foods. Let's have a look at some of the already prepared baby foods and some ways you can make your own homemade baby food.

Homemade Baby Food
Baby food recipes abound, but they usually use some of the same ingredients like healthy fruits, vegetables, fish and poultry. The great part of making your own baby food is that you know there are no additives in your baby food. Making baby food also means that you can choose to make organic baby food using organic certified fruits, vegetables and meat products.

There are several kitchen utensils you'll want to have around if you plan to make your own baby food. You'll need a baby food grinder or baby food processor. A baby food mill is similar to these. They process food so that it's more digestible to your little one.

How to Make Baby Food
Home made baby food is relatively easy to make. It usually involves putting several ingredients together in a baby food grinder. Try using peas and carrots; a 'thinner', or liquid that will make the food easier to digest, such as broth, breast milk or water; you can even add some meat, such as a white fish filet or chicken. There are many baby food recipies on the internet and in special homemade baby food recipes books. Fortunately, baby food recipes are so easy that you can usually just throw complimentary foods into your baby food processor and get a delicious and nutritious meal.

Once you have prepared the baby food, you'll want to store it either in baby food jars or by freezing it. Frozen baby food is easy, simply dish the left over food into an ice cube tray and once frozen, dump into a ziplock bag or food storage container and keep frozen.

Prepared Baby Food: Baby Food Companies
There are several baby food brands out there that make quality baby foods. Some of these include Gerber baby foods, Heinz baby food, Beechnut baby food and del Monte baby food. Look for baby food companies that make organic, or food that has not been genetically modified, as these are healthier for your baby.

Baby Food Jars
So you've got a collection of adorable, tiny baby food jars and you don't know what to do with them? Before you take them out to the trash, look for some fun baby food jar crafts. There are a lot of crafts to choose from. Try making a tiny garden jar by gluing silk flowers to the lid of the jar, and turning the jar upside down. These garden jars can be kept in your baby's nursery!