Baby Shower Games

Coming up with baby shower games or crafts can be great fun, especially when you brainstorm idea with other close friends who are attending the baby shower. Here are some free baby shower games with great baby shower activities for your baby shower!

Crafts for Before the Baby Shower
There are lots of crafts you and your friends can make before the day of the baby shower! For example, get together and make some baby shower favors, such as little beaded jewelry sets, photo key chains or magnets! Another fun craft idea is cake decorating. Women love baking together and there's nothing more exciting than decorating a baby shower cake. Guests can sketch drawings with icing tubes or write wishes for the future of the family.

Games for Baby Showers
Here are some baby shower game ideas for every baby shower!

  1. Don't Cry Mom: The object of the game is to get as many diaper pins from other guests as possible; the guest with the most pins at the end of the shower wins the game. As each guest comes in, they get a diaper pin from the host. If a guest overhears another guest speaking the expectant mother's name, then that guest must relinquish the diaper pin to the guest who calls 'foul'.

  2. Baby Shower Bingo: Look online for free printable baby shower games, where you will surely find a bingo game board. On the game card, each guest must write down what she thinks the mother will receive when she opens present. For each gift she opens that you contain, the player may mark the spot. Bingo is achieved when a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line is complete across the game board.

  3. Baby Birthday Card: This is a great game to play if there are older family guests present. Each guest is given a birthday card, numbered 1 through however many guests are present. Let's say there are 23 guests present. That guest will write a birthday card to be given on the child's birthday year for whatever number they got. This is a game that really lasts through the years, making very precious memories.

  4. Baby Guessing Games: This game requires a volunteer, and can be performed several times. The volunteer has a sheet of paper pinned to his back with a baby item name on it. He goes around a circle of guests and asks for clues. If the volunteer figures out the item, he is given a prize.

  5. Blind Diapering: You'll need one baby doll and a bunch of cloth diapers. This game is a great chance for moms to show off their diapering skills and at the same time can teach the expecting mother. Guests wear a blind-fold and attempt to diaper the baby doll. The guest with the fastest time and best results is the winner.

Baby Shower Prizes
Prizes really depend on whether you're having a co-ed baby shower or a girls only event. If only women are attending your baby shower, then feel free to splurge on feminine gifts, such as scented candles or bath soaps. If men are attending, you can either make male and female gifts, or shop for gifts that any sex would appreciate. Here are some baby shower prize ideas:

  • scented soaps
  • baked goods
  • candles
  • stuffed animals
  • a bag of body lotions
  • book gift certifications
  • a photo album
  • certificate for a manicure
  • hand knitted scarves


Remember, get in your creative space of mind to make up unique baby shower games and fun baby shower prizes!