Baby Shower Favors

For a host, making or buying baby shower favors might possibly be the most fun part of organizing a baby shower! When you think baby shower favors, think small mementos that possibly have a useful purpose, for example, magnets or candles.

Homemade Baby Shower Favors
Making your own baby shower party favors is easy, and you have lots of options to choose from. Here are some baby shower favor ideas to make:

  • brownies wrapped in cellophane tied with decorative strings
  • fun glycerin shapes that are easy to make; just buy glycerin, melt it and add it to tiny cake molds
  • if you have little kids, have them make beaded jewelry to put in the favor bags
  • for fun baby shower prizes ideas, make up some certificates of merit to hand out to baby shower game winners!


Shopping for Baby Shower Favor Items
Whether you're looking for cheap baby shower favors or favors with a bit more weight, there are unlimited options out there! The best place to buy baby shower favors are party supply stores

  • chocolate or candy lollipops in fun baby shapes
  • baby themed magnets, such as a stork or a bassinet
  • if you have a cartoon character, you can find little character trinkets, such as pooh baby shower favors


Fun Baby Shower Favor Ideas
Are you looking for baby shower favor ideas that are a bit more unique? Well, why not make your favors an interactive gift. For example, you can get inexpensive photo albums to the guests with a note explaining that over the next few weeks, months or years, they need to take pictures of this baby. Once they've filled the photo album, let them give the album back to the family. The baby will one day grow to love those pictures of mommy's pregnant belly or the first visit it made to mommy's friend's houses.