When it's rainy outside, help keep your kids occupied by doing some easy crafts. Anything around your house can be used as craft supplies: some tissue paper; a toilet roll; a styrofoam cup. Homemade crafts don't need to be extravagant - even Martha Stewart uses ordinary items like old pieces of wood when she does her wood crafts. Of course, doing popsicle stick crafts might be a more kid-friendly version of nature crafts.

Arts & Crafts
Many parents head to Michael's Craft Store to stock up on craft supplies. Michaels Crafts will have everything you need and you can even pick up a book or two on craft ideas for kids. You might also want to check out any wholesale craft supplies store in your area where you may be able to find discounted supplies.

If your children are really into arts and crafts, then consider setting up a craft table somewhere in your home. This can be the designated kid craft site where your children can let their imagination run free and not worry about making a mess. You might also want to set up another area in your home where you can proudly display your childrens art. You might also want to keep a list of some kids craft ideas posted in case your children are stuck for ideas. Some great craft projects that your kids can do include:

And if you ever find yourself stuck for good kids arts and crafts ideas, you can always look for many free kids crafts ideas online

Back to School Crafts
Arts and crafts for kids are always big in schools. Young children love to take part in preschool crafts and kindergarten crafts where they make simple things like a turkey for Thanksgiving out of a paper plate. Paper plate crafts are also a great idea for toddler art projects because they are easy to work with.

If you're looking to make some falls crafts for kids who are older, you might want to work with more organic materials. Pumpkin crafts using actual pumpkins are great Halloween crafts for kids! Look for some free craft patterns to make these children's crafts easier for your children.

As the year goes on and you start trying to think of some Christmas craft ideas, why not get inspired by the Christmas story itself and make some Bible crafts? Your children can make a whole nativity scene out of pasta. Use some spray paint to dress up the figures. If your family is not religious, then your children can make a lovely wreath for the door with some bowtie pasta, glue, a paper plate and some spray paint.

As the weather starts to warm up, it's time to make some summer crafts. Your children can kick off the season by making a lovely Fathers Day craft, like a pop-up card. You can also take advantage of the nice summer weather by moving the kid's crafts outside. Who knows? Maybe your children will be inspired by the nature surrounding them.

Crafts for toddlers and crafts for children are an excellent way to encourage your child's creativity and imagination. So encourage your child to get messy and have fun!