Winning Weaning Tips For Nursing Moms

Nursing is a wonderful act that many women enjoy. It benefits the baby a great deal and helps the mother and child to bond. At some point, however, it becomes time to stop nursing. This may be because you are returning to work and it's too complicated to pump and nurse. It might be because your baby is old enough to move to a bottle. It might be because you want more freedom and feel like you've nursed for long enough. Whatever the reason might be, it's sometimes difficult to wean a baby. Here are important tips to help you to succeed with weaning

The Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends nursing for a full year to give your baby the most benefits possible. Most women, however, tend to stop nursing somewhere between four and seven months. To wean successfully, you need to think about a number of factors.

Gradual Change

Don't go cold turkey when you decide to wean. This came be very painful for the mother, and can cause a big surprise for the baby. Rather, try to wean gradually. Each day, give the baby a bottle during one time when you would be nursing. The next day, add an extra bottle, and continue this process until the baby isn't nursing anymore. Pay attention to your own body and make sure that you aren't growing too uncomfortable and engorged.

Pass the Bottle Over

Your baby associates you with nursing. It is often confusing, therefore, if you are the one giving the baby a bottle. Try to let your husband, parents, or someone else give the baby the bottle while you stay out of sight. Once the baby is used to the bottle and is weaned, you can join in the process as well.

Some Discomfort

It's inevitable that you will have some breast discomfort while you are weaning. If you make the process a gradual one, then you should experience less discomfort, but you still might have some. You can express a little bit of milk for the first few days to alleviate the pressure, but don't express too much or you'll stimulate your milk production. Use cold compresses to help with the pain and take some Tylenol as well.

Nipple Choices

Your baby may have a hard time adjusting to the bottle at first and it's important for you to experiment with different nipple types. If a straight nipple doesn't seem to work, try a slanted one. If the size two nipple seems too big, try to use a size one and see if the baby adjusts to that more easily.

Don't be surprised if you feel a bit depressed when you stop nursing. You've been bonding with your baby in this intimate way for a long time now, and it's a dramatic change when you stop. Continue to spend time with your baby and to enjoy your bonding time in new ways. Every stage in your child's development is exciting and every one comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Enjoy your time together and enjoy this new period in your baby's development!