Menu Choices for the Picky Eater

When your picky eater just won't eat anything, try one of these great recipes for toddlers.

  • If cereal has suddenly become inedible for your toddler, then try giving her a granola bar instead. Just make sure it has a low sugar and saturated fat content.

  • Children love choices so put out some vegetables, a few bite-size fruits pieces, a little cut-up meat, some chickpeas or a bean salad, and perhaps a bit of pasta with sauce for dinner. Your toddler can choose what they want and no matter what it'll be healthy.

  • You can also try hiding those foods your toddler won't like. A pasta sauce with finely chopped or pureed vegetables may go unnoticed by your toddler. Sheppard's pie may make ground beef more appealing to your toddler.

  • Cookie cutters aren't just for cookies! Use them to make sandwiches, pieces of meat and even mashed potatoes more fun.

  • Fruit kebabs are a lot more fun to eat than plain old fruit. Use flavored yogurt or low-fat chocolate pudding for dipping.

  • Mini sized food is always a hit. Look for mini-pitas that you can stuff - maybe one could be a chicken salad sandwich while the other is peanut butter and bananas. A sandwich wrap cut into bite-size pieces can also make lean meat, cheese and some salsa look more appetizing.

  • Tacos and fajitas are a fun change from the everyday ordinariness of chicken and pork chops. Plus, these foods let your toddler get involved in making their dinner. And the most fun part? It's okay to be a messy eater when you're eating tacos!

  • Pizzas are another great way to let your toddler make his own dinner. Buy some small pizza crusts or make your own and set up a production line of toppings. Let the whole family go along and make their own pizza which ever way they want.

  • Your toddler can also take part in making their lunch if you serve subs or wraps. Set out a bunch of different, healthy toppings for your toddler to choose from including lean meat, cheese, vegetables, and some salsa or mustard to finish it off with and let them create their very own lunchtime masterpiece.

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