Tastebuds And Sugar

Taste preferences are set very early in life, even possibly in the womb, according to Pediatrics - the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatricians. Have a healthy diet which includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables during your pregnancy and while you are still nursing your baby. This way you can help your baby develop a taste for fruits and vegetables, instead of sugar.

Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is one of the worst things you can give your healthy baby. There is no need to add sugar to baby formula, give your baby candies and chocolate, or other processed food. If you can avoid giving your baby refined and processed sugar until baby is over two, you will be benefiting baby's long term health. Of course in an ideal world we all would avoid sugar for the sake of our health, but we live in the real world!

Formula Fed

If you are feeding formula to your baby, make sure you mix it according to the instructions. Formula is made according to a precise recipe so don't be tempted make it too thick or alternatively to thin it down. And whatever you do don't be tempted to add sugar or salt! Remember baby's tastebuds are different to yours! Be guided by your pediatrician when it comes to baby's weight. Normal babies, fed properly, don't need to diet!

Breast Fed

Breast fed babies tend to weigh less than bottle fed babies and they usually put weight on more slowly. WHO (World Health Organization) charts are based on breast-fed babies whereas charts used in the United States are based on bottle-fed babies. So do let your pediatrician know if you are nursing your baby. That way if baby is "underweight" according to the charts, you can be reassured that baby is up to par. If you can nurse until baby is over a year you will help your baby's health for life. Remember when you breast feed, baby gets to taste different flavors every day as breast milk's flavor changes according to what you eat. So if you eat healthy yourself you are helping baby to prefer healthy foods too!

Preventing Obesity

Diabetes is on the increase in the Western World and one of the reasons is because of the obesity epidemic. If you want to help prevent your child from developing type2 diabetes, which can be triggered by obesity, don't reward your child with sugary treats. It is important to set proper eating habits from the beginning. Associating food with rewards can, in some cases, lead to eating disorders as your child gets older.

To see all your children's health and behavior improve, give sugar the old heave-ho. Remember sugar is just surplus calories, can rot the teeth, and makes children hyper-active.

If you start baby off on the right foods and offer fresh fruit and vegetables as treats instead of chocolates and candies, baby might never even develop a sweet tooth!