Postpartum Fashion: Practical Inexpensive Fashion Tips for New Moms

If you’ve just had a baby, that stubborn baby weight might be making it hard for you to find clothes that are comfortable and stylish. While you might miss your pre-pregnancy body shape and weight, it is important to remember that a new mom’s body is beautiful precisely because of its wonderful curves. A great way to enhance your new body is with postpartum fashions that combine the style of the latest fashion trends in women’s clothing with the comfort you need as a new mom. Our postpartum fashion guide has easy fashion tips for new moms that’ll make you look gorgeous, no matter how little sleep you’re getting because of baby!

Balancing Your Body

One key element of postpartum dressing is to balance out your body. After pregnancy, you may find that the weight you’ve gained in your stomach area is sticking around longer than you’d like. Plus, if you’re breastfeeding, your breasts will also likely be larger than you’re used to.

In order to balance out these changes in your body’s shape, opt for longer jackets with structure. Longer jackets will not only provide support for your chest, but also create the illusion of a smaller waist.

Shirts that sit at the top of the hip are also another good option when trying to balance out your body. Look for blouses with a seam that hits higher than your natural waistline, just below the bust; also known as an empire waist, this will help emphasize a small waist while balancing out curves.

V-neck sweaters are also a great option because they draw the eye upward while cap sleeves or flutter sleeves emphasize the shoulders.

Also, be sure to invest in some high-quality nursing bras that will make breastfeeding comfortable and also provide support for your back and neck.

Minimizing Your Bottom

While you may have gained some extra weight in the buttocks during pregnancy, this doesn’t mean you can’t sport stylish post-pregnancy fashions.

Make sure your pant fits the widest part of you and that it has a straight leg or a slightly flared leg (this latter option is particularly flattering if you have wider hips). Avoid pants that have large pockets or a lot of embellishment on the butt area—this will only focus attention on the area and make it appear larger.

Another great option is to wear fuller-cut skirts with an A-line shape; these skirts flare away from the body, creating a beautiful hour-glass figure.

Tailor Your Clothing

One complaint that many new moms have is that if an item of clothing fits them in one place, it’s too big or too small somewhere else. For example, a pair of pants may fit their hips well but will be too long on the legs, or a shirt will fit their new chest size but its sleeves are extra-long.

A great way to work around this problem is to bring your clothes to a tailor. While it will add an extra expense to your clothing budget, it is well worth tailoring classic pieces that will make you look and feel great as a new mom.

The Diaper Bag

As a new mom, the needs of your baby will require you to carry around supplies like diapers, bottles and much more.

A stylish diaper bag can help keep all your supplies organized as well as keeping you looking stylish and modern. Look for a structured bag with lots of pockets and separate compartments that will make things like nursing or diaper changing a snap.

Keeping It Simple

When choosing fabrics for your clothing as a new mom, you may want to avoid fabrics that require a lot of care, such as silks.

Stick to natural fabrics like cotton that are inexpensive yet classic and that are also easy to wash in case of spit-ups (which will likely happen more often than not). By choosing such easy-to-care-for fabrics, you’ll save time and money.

Shopping on a Budget

As a new mom, you probably don’t want to or can’t spend a lot of money on your clothing.

In order to minimize clothing costs, opt for classic options that have a lot of wearability, like structured blouses and jackets and simple sweaters and skirts. Avoid spending too much money on fashion trends and invest instead on high-quality items that are versatile and that you can incorporate into your existing wardrobe. If you do want to buy something a little trendier, try shopping at a thrift store or second hand store in order to update your new mom wardrobe and keep you caught up with current fashion trends without going broke.

Happy shopping!

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