Sexual Dividends For Pregnancy

Most women feel some concern about engaging in sexual intercourse during pregnancy. They fear that sex may bring on contractions or otherwise cause an injury to mother or to baby. For one thing, sex is very physical, even rough at times, and seems unlike the gentle care we associate with pregnant women and babies.

But you can relax: having sex during your pregnancy is quite safe. In fact, making love can benefit your pregnancy! The opposite is also true: being pregnant can benefit your sex life.

Already Pregnant!

For example, many women find the act of harboring a separate living being inside their bodies something that makes them feel powerful and, well, capable. This feeling of empowerment tends to increase a woman's libido (sex drive). Also, now that you're pregnant, you don't have to worry about the tangible results of the sex act: you need not concern yourself about birth control or worry that you'll fail to conceive: Hello! You're already pregnant! You get to have sex just because it feels good. Wow.

During the early days and weeks of pregnancy, there is an increase of blood flow to the groin area. This may intensify the sensitivity of this region which in turn may lead to multiple orgasms. Orgasms can act as an exercise for the uterine walls and pelvic floor. The contractions caused by your powerful orgasms strengthen these areas and assist blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Can't Hurt

Many women who have difficulty coming to a climax are surprised to discover that pregnancy makes it easy for them to climax and climax often. Your partner is liable to find this a tremendous turn-on, but you'll have to reassure him that frequent sex can only benefit you and cannot hurt the baby.

Another sexual bonus of pregnancy is your budding breasts and abdomen. Your husband will likely find these "new" breasts an endless source of fascination, to your great delight, while many men are very aroused by a pregnant belly. Don't worry about the deeper meaning of this arousal in response to a pregnant abdomen. Just lean back and enjoy the result. By the way, since you look sexier, you also feel sexier.

As you reach the end of your pregnancy, as long as you aren't high risk due to a history of premature labor, sex helps ready your body for the difficult acts of labor and delivery. Your partner's semen contains prostaglandins which are good for helping to ripen the cervix. The upshot is that having sex late in pregnancy is not only good for your cervix, but helps to tone your uterine muscles!