Thanksgiving Day Treats

This Thanksgiving, cook something really special to wow your guests with. Why not try a unique spin to jazz up that most classic of Thanksgiving dishes, the turkey? Or how about bake a special pie for dessert? Or bake delicious potatoes, or serve them up Southern style. This year Thanksgiving dinner is pure magic.

Why not serve your turkey with a twist? Make a delicious chestnut and pine nut stuffing. Cook pork, onion and beef in a skillet. This juicy concoction will make such a perfect, mouth-watering stuffing for your turkey you won’t even need gravy.

Potatoes are a classic side dish to the turkey. Serve them up extra special: add rosemary and butter to mashed potatoes for a delicious, home-style feast. Or top them with garlic. Why not serve yams with margarine, salt and pepper. Roasted sweet and white potatoes are scrumptious when served with hazelnuts. Who ever said potatoes were boring was oh so wrong!

It just isn’t Thanksgiving without pie. While pumpkin pie is a holiday classic, why not try something new this year to give your taste buds a pleasant surprise. A cran-raspberry pie is a scrumptious, vivid twist. Or, if you prefer to keep things more traditional, whey not try a pumpkin cheesecake pie. Whipped topping, cinnamon and nutmeg revolutionize the classic American dish to a whole new level of mouth-watering goodness.