Children's Thanksgiving Day Crafts

Thanksgiving crafts are great because they’re simple, inexpensive and are a fun and unique way to decorate your home.

Kids can create colorful place cards for the dining room table. All they need is some glue, construction paper, tissue paper, markers or crayons, and scissors. They can use fall-colored construction paper like orange and yellow and write out guests’ names in fancy, fun lettering. Add tissue paper to make small corn on the cobs for added décor. They can even add some un-popped corn in a small cellophane package so that guests have a fun take-home treat.

Another fun idea is to make a cornucopia. Buy a cornucopia and fill it with straw, fruits, veggies and other goodies, real or fake.

Kids can also create a handprint thank you tree. Cut out a large tree shape from construction paper and mount it on a larger piece to create a frame. Then kids can trace their hands on different colored pieces of construction paper and write down what they’re thankful for. A great activity to make sure children stay focused on the true meaning of the holiday.

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