Flying Bats

This craft is good for children who are old enough to use scissors on their own. If you want to do this craft with younger children, try cutting out the shapes ahead of time and letting them get creative with the glue.


  • Black and red or yellow construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Clothes pegs

1. For each bat, draw a set of wings onto your construction paper and then cut it out with your scissors.

2. Next, draw an oval shaped body, adding pointy ears and feet and cut that out. Glue the body onto the middle of the wings.

3. Cut eyes out of your red or yellow construction paper and glue them onto the bat’s face.

4. Glue a clothes peg to the back of the bat’s body and you’re ready to clip the bat to a curtain, bush, lamp or anything else you want!