Preschool Activities Planning activities with your preschooler is a whopping good time! Because preschoolers still see the world in a magical sense, you need to be creative and daring in your choice of preschool activities. Also, because children nowadays are inundated with reasons to stay indoors, such as video games and television, it's more important to plan preschool crafts, games and other fun activities for your child!

Start by getting active with your child. You can visit the zoo, go for a fun day at the beach or take a walk in your local park.

Now that you child is a preschooler, it's a great time to play educational games. Learn about the benefits of education games and what games are popular. We'll help you find some online activities for preschoolers that even parents will love playing!

Then there are those fun arts and crafts you can make with your preschooler. Get some ideas for arts and crafts, like how to make home-made play dough! Remember, arts and crafts are wonderful keepsakes and brighten any room they're placed in.

Don't let your child sit all day in front of the television.  Help him get involved in fun child-friendly activities that encourage both his mind and his body to develop.