Pregnancy Health

Beyond the miracle of the new life growing inside of you is an awesome responsibility in the form of the need to take perfect care of your health. By taking the steps to ensure your own good health, in large measure, you are making sure your new baby will be healthy, too. But there's a bit of a learning curve to this new business of being pregnant and maintaining your pregnancy health. That's why we've devoted an entire section to the subject.

Basic Nutrition

Here you can find articles on the basics of nutrition and diet when eating for two. We have advice on how you can you get enough calories to sustain your pregnancy and your own good health without becoming overweight. We offer you the building blocks of basic pregnancy nutrition for your consideration.

We also discuss the importance of prenatal vitamins and supplements. In particular, we describe the reasons folic acid is so important to your baby's development during the earliest weeks of pregnancy. Can you get these nutrients from your diet or are the supplements a must? These are some of the important topics we discuss for your consideration.

High Risk?

Then there is the matter of exercise. Is it safe to exercise in pregnancy? What types of exercise are suitable in pregnancy and how much exercise is enough? Is there such a thing as too much exercise in pregnancy? What about the woman whose pregnancy is considered high risk? What can she do to preserve her muscle strength and flexibility without causing injury to herself or her fetus? These are just some of the questions we hope to address in this section.

No discussion of pregnancy health would be complete without a discussion of prenatal care. You may be wondering when you should schedule your first prenatal appointment. Beyond scheduling issues, it's good to be prepared: what can you expect to happen at your prenatal care visits? What can you do to get ready for your appointments? How crucial is prenatal care? These answers and much more can be found in this section.

Another topic pertinent to the healthy pregnancy is the various screening and diagnostic tests that are done during pregnancy. Some of these tests are optional while others are important for all pregnant women. Learning about these tests is the best way to ensure you can make informed decisions about which tests you need and want to have performed.