Valentine's Day Recipes

Valentine's Day is traditionally a day of indulgence in love. But who says you can't also make it a day of indulgence in comfort foods?  After all, you often have to go through the stomach to get to the heart.

Here are some wonderful recipes to make on Valentine's day, whether you're sharing the food with loved ones or keeping them for yourself!  They are easy to make and will add a special element of romance to any Valentine's Day meal.

Try preparing our Stuffed Brie as a main course or as an appetizer.  Brie is one of the most popular of all the French cheeses and we all know that anything French is perfect for lovers.  For dessert try our Chocolate Crepes or Caramels.  Their sweetness is an excellent compliment to this loving holiday.

And how about baking some scrumptious heart-shaped cupcakes, chocolate cheesecake or even a marshmallow cupid?  These delicious desserts are fantastic for bringing to an office party or for your children's school celebration. 

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