Setting the Table for Thanksgiving

Napkin Rings
Cardboard tubing (from gift wrap rolls) is the perfect base for home made napkin rings. Cut the tubes into 1" wide sections. Hot glue some brightly colored fall leaves around them, then glue a strip of colored fabric (or paper) to the inside of the ring. Attach two pieces of raffia, to the bottom, with hot glue and bring them around to tie a bow on top. This helps to hold the leaves in place. A final drop of hot glue with help hold the bow in it’s place.

Invest is some Autumn colored table linens that you can bring out during the Thanksgiving season each years. Fall colors like; dark orange, burnt yellow, red, tan, dark green, and navy always compliment each other. Be sure to put them away as soon as Thanksgiving is over and replace them with Christmas colors.

Various Room Decorations
For touches of fall in various rooms throughout the house, place a mini-pumpkin next to the bathroom sink, on the kitchen counter. On bedroom nightstands, add a small vase of fall flowers with tiny cattails or wheat sprigs.

Runner and Placemat Hints
Use patterned linens if your table centerpiece will be fairly simple, such as a few pumpkins or candles. If you will be using many items in your centerpiece (leaves, nuts, pinecones, candles, mini-pumpkins), perhaps solid color linens are a better choice. Plain colors won't compete with your arrangement.