Decorating Your Home For Thanksgiving

Mini Pumpkin Lineup
Buy a dozen or so of the mini pumpkins and line them up across a mantle, evenly spaced, about 8-10" apart. To protect your wood, cut out little circles of foil or plastic for the pumpkins to sit on. This is a great decorating tip for narrow mantles. You can also apply the same method to decorate the length of a long shelf or table too.

Basket of Pinecones
Fill a large basket with pinecones and place next to your hearth. For Thanksgiving, decorate it with some fall leaves. Be sure to remove the leaves when the Christmas season begins and add some pine boughs, red berries, and a bow instead.

Mantle Wreath
Hang a large grapevine wreath over the mantle instead of the mirror or artwork you usually have. Use fall leaves and berries to decorate it. You might want to add a bow that ties in with the room’s color scheme. Leave this Thanksgiving fall wreath up until you are ready to replace it with a fresh pine wreath for Christmas.

Pumpkin Arrangement
In the center of you mantle, arrange 3 pumpkins of varying sizes. To balance it out, place a small basket of autumn leaves or pinecones on either side. Candles always work. If you’d prefer, place the three pumpkins on one end of the mantelpiece and balance it with some candles at the other end.