Mother's Day Gifts: Gifts for Other Moms

Need ideas for Mother’s Day presents for an aunt, grandmother, sister, in-law or friend? Then consider some of these Mother’s Day gifts.

  • If you have a few generations of mothers to celebrate this Mother’s Day, then organize a nice brunch or dinner. Just make sure someone other than the mothers do the cooking and cleaning!

  • Is your mom actually a mom-to-be? Then she needs ExpectantSee. This interactive screensaver is great for all pregnant women and contains interesting facts about pregnancy. Plus, it will help the mom-to-be keep track of her pregnancy as well as learn how her baby is developing.

  • A common fear among pregnant women? Getting stretch marks! Help ease her fears by buying her some luxurious stretch mark prevention cream. A fabulous cream will also help sooth the dry, itchy skin that commonly occurs during pregnancy.

  • Memory jars are great a gift and so simple to make. Simply find a vase or attractive jar (if it’s not so attractive, you can always decorate it). Then ask friends and relatives to write down a favorite memory, inspirational quote or how the memory jar recipient has made a difference in their life. Fill the vase or jar with these notes and whenever the recipient is feeling low or tired, she can just reach in and be reminded of how important she is.

  • Candles, bath salts and other spa products are always welcomed by many women. They may seem like simple gifts but the pampering a mom receives when she indulges in a relaxing bath is priceless.

  • Offer to baby sit. If you don’t have kids yourself, this is a great way to give mom a break for the day or afternoon. If you do have kids, then get your partner as well as hers to agree to baby sit for the day while the two of you enjoy a day out together.

  • If mom just had a baby, then she’ll want some Munchskins all-natural skin care products. Designed for babies, these products are loved and used by adults as well.

  • A thoughtful letter or meaningful Mother’s Day poem that lets mom know how important she is to you will help make any mother feel special.