Mothers Day Recipes: Dinner Menu Ideas

Nothing will show mom more that you can then by preparing her delicious homemade dinner.  Anyone can run out and buy a gift but you can really show mom your love by taking the time to make her feel special.  She will also appreciate the break from her normal routine. Take a look at our recipe ideas below and have the perfect sit down dinner on Mother's Day with this tasty menu.

This delicious chicken recipe is prepared with a honey mustard marinade and a touch of curry. It is so good that your mom will never believe you prepared it yourself.  For a side dish, serve tangy, fresh green beans and a cheese and tomato casserole (a hit with the kids and healthy too!). Don't forget to prepare a crisp salad with a simple, delightful vinaigrette dressing.  

No dinner is complete without dessert.  Consider serving a fruit sorbet in your mom's favorite flavor. Sorbets are a nice, light treat that help to cleanse the palate and give you something a little sweet after your meal. Or, make a fruit salad. Mom will appreciate your healthy serving choices and it is another way you can show how much you care about her.