Mother's Day Brunch Menu

A brunch is a great idea if you are having several generations of mothers joining you for a Mothers Day meal. Cooking mom brunch is not only a great present she'll enjoy but it really shows you care because you are willing to take the time to do something special for her.  But, mom doesn't have to know that cooking wasn't a chore because with these great recipe ideas, brunch will be a pleasure to prepare.

When your guests arrive, serve them a refreshing mimosa made from fresh orange juice and champagne. Follow this with delicious egg muffins and crepes.  Your guests won't believe you made them yourself. For added decadence, place freshly baked raspberry muffins in a pretty basket on the table.  They will work well as an attractive center piece and your guests won't be able to resist their enticing smell and beautiful presentation. 

No meal is complete without dessert and brunch is no exception.  To encourage your mom and her guests to watch their waistlines and stay healthy how about serving this light, refreshing fruit salad.  Your guests will get all of the sweet flavor they need while also benefiting from the fruit salad's many vitamins and nutrients.  Keeping your mom healthy is another way you can show that you care.

Everyone will love your brunch - and your 'special guests' will be very honored.