Juicy Rabbits

Recycle your frozen juice cans for this easy holiday decoration:

  • 1 empty frozen juice can for every bunny
  • Pink, black and white construction paper
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Cotton balls
  • Glue

1. From the white construction paper, cut out bunny ears and feet as well as a strip wide enough to wrap around the entire juice can. Glue this strip onto the juice can

2. Cut out a bunny nose as well inner ears from the pink construction paper. The inner ears should be smaller than the white ears.

3. Glue the bunny nose to the can and the pink inner ears to the white outer ears

4. Next, take the black construction paper and cut out some strips that will be used for whiskers. Glue these on beside the nose

5. Finally, glue the wiggly eyes and the ears onto the can. Fill the can with Easter grass and goodies