Birthday Traditions

Many families have special things that they do to celebrate birthdays. And many of these activities have been passed on from generation to generation. If you don’t have those family traditions already, why not start your own now. The memories of the little special moments are what children carry with them as they grow up and become parents themselves. Here are few family birthday traditions to get your creative juices flowing:

The Family Birthday Plate
This is one of our favorites. First you will need a family meeting to decide what the Official Family Birthday Plate will look like. Then you need to send a group of family representatives to a ceramic do-it-yourself place to create the Plate.

A week later, your family will be one of the lucky ones to own its own Family Birthday Plate. From that point forward, whoever is having their birthday will be served all their meals that day on the Family Birthday Plate. You’ll be surprised how much everyone looks forward to their day to use the plate!

Birthday Cake in Bed
Yes, this is a bit messy, but it is a nice family ritual to be awoken by your whole family singing happy birthday to you and holding your favorite birthday cake. And of course, eating cake first thing in the morning is an event in and of itself.

Use these ideas or have fun and create your own. Just imagine: one day your own grandchildren may be looking forward to celebrating their birthday with your established tradition!

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