Birthday Party Planning:
Do’s and Don’ts for Kids Birthday Parties

For any child, their birthday party is the focal point of their big day. That’s why it is so important to keep the play safe and fun. Here are a few things to consider when planning a child’s birthday party:

Birthday party planning

  • Make sure the location of the party is age appropriate. If the party is being held in a park, ensure the area is protected from local traffic and not easily accessible for uninvited guests.
  • If the party is being held near water or in a large, uncontained space, make sure you have enough adult supervision to keep an eye on wandering guests.
  • Check for spaces that could trap children and sharp edges on playground equipment.
  • Look for tripping hazards such as concrete footings, tree stumps and rocks.
  • Make sure that platforms and ramps have proper railings.
  • Feed small children food that is choke-resistant.
  • Avoid equipment such as trampolines, which can be very dangerous and should only be used with proper adult supervision.
  • Wear sunscreen and hats when playing outside for extended periods of time.
  • Check that all arts and craft supplies are age-appropriate, non-toxic and washable.
  • We also recommend that you avoid non-washable paint or glue at birthday parties for children under age 7. Why? It’s messy and takes time to dry properly.
  • Always have a few very competent teenagers on hand for small children’s birthday parties. You can’t be everywhere, doing everything and watching all the guests at the same time.
  • Prepare all the arts and craft projects prior to the party. Thread all the needles, tie knots at the end of all strings, organize all the beads…
  • No children’s birthday party should last more than two hours, and for smaller children, an hour and a half is definitely enough.
  • Always plan one more activity than you think you will need. You will probably need it.
  • Keep the projects simple and straightforward. Or if the project is complicated, break it into smaller, easier steps before you begin.
  • Here’s an old teacher’s trick: when having an arts and crafts birthday party, only give out the art supplies that the guests need as they need them. If you give out all the supplies at once, or make them too easily accessible, the supplies won’t be where you want them when the moment to use them comes along.

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