Beauty Tips: Spa Treatment...Day Spa Procedures

As a mom, it can be very hard to justify spending not only money on yourself, but also time alone. Many mothers need to watch their budget and prefer to use whatever extra cash they have at the end of the month on a special treat for their children or the family. While this is all fine and dandy most of the time, don’t you think that maybe you deserve a treat too, once in a while?


Going to the spa may seem like a frivolous expenditure but that’s because you’re thinking of it in the wrong way! Rather than viewing your hard earned and tightly budgeted money as being wasted on some over-priced potions and lotions, consider yourself to be spending your money on some well-earned sanity. Spending a day at the spa, receiving private spa treatment, can help you feel relaxed and refreshed and ready to face the chaos that is your home at the end of the day. So let’s get started…


Slip Into A Robe
At the day spa, get started off right by booking yourself in for a massage. Most spas offer a deep tissue/Swedish massage, which is great for really sore, achy muscles. Performed by a registered massage therapist, these massages really stimulate your muscle tissue helping to get out all those painful knots. Because massage is a legitimate form of therapy, many insurance policies will cover the cost. Contact your insurer to find out if you’re one of the lucky people who are covered.


An aromatherapy massage is also another staple at most spas. This type of massage uses different scented oils to help you relax and feel calm. Reiki and hot stone massages are also gaining in popularity and cropping up at more spas. These massages focus on touch to help you achieve a deep relaxation and rebalance your energy. Or you could go for a Japanese shiatsu massage which uses pressure to stimulate certain key points on your body.


Most spas offer half hour and hour long massages but some even have one and half hour massages. Don’t be surprised if you fall asleep during these sessions! The shorter appointments tend to focus mainly on the back, shoulders, and neck. If your whole body is crying out for some TLC, then consider booking yourself a good hour-long massage. Regardless of how long your appointment is, though, make sure you wear something you won’t mind getting oil on. Some spas do offer their clients a robe to slip into between services, but if you are only having a massage done before moving on to a manicure, you will most likely have to get back into your own clothes after the massage.


The Scrub Down
Now that your body has been properly relaxed, it’s time to make you glow! A body polish will slough away dead skin cells, making your body feel softer. Some spas may only have one type of body polish while others offer scrubs scented with different essential oils to help you feel more relaxed, energized or refreshed. Body polishes also help your body to absorb more moisture – the perfect prelude to a body wrap.


Get A Little Dirty
While you may hate it when your children play in the mud, covering yourself in the brown stuff is considered to be standard spa fare. Yes, that’s right, people pay to be emerged into mud. Sound a bit crazy? Then you’ve obviously never felt the squishy goodness of mud between your toes.


Mud baths have long been touted as an effective treatment for those suffering from arthritis. Just ten minutes in a tub can help relieve sore muscles. Mud has also been found to help detoxify and moisturize the body. If you’re not too keen on emerging yourself up to your neck in a bathtub full of mud, then look into a mud wrap. You get the same wonderful effects but with a bit less of the mess.


If mud really isn’t your thing, then find out what other types of body wraps your spa has to offer. A seaweed or clay body wrap is offered by many to help detoxify the body, but many spas also have their own special body wraps. There are ginger wraps to help you feel more energetic; rose tea wraps that will calm you; a milk and honey wrap to moisturize a dry body; you can even get a chocolate wrap to help soothe your body (and make you smell absolutely delicious).


Put Your Best Face Forward
Now that your body has received so much attention, it’s time to help your face feel refreshed. A facial can do wonders for making a tired and stressed face look younger, fresher and healthier. Many spas offer various facials that address specific needs your face may have. Is your face feeling very dry these days? Then book yourself in for a hydrating facial. Feel like you look older than your actual age? Then go for the cell renewal facial or maybe an anti-aging facial. City smog and pollutants taking their toll on your skin? Then you need a detoxifying facial.


Using the appropriate creams, toners, and cleansers, your face will be gently scrubbed, cleaned and moisturized so that it looks it best. Some facials will even do extractions – that is, get rid of those unpleasant blackheads and pimples (if only acne stopped popping up on your face when you were 15).


The Finishing Touches
Let yourself relax while someone else waits on your hands and feet. Wind your day down with a manicure and a pedicure. You could go all out and have a French manicure or pedicure done (when the tips of your nails are white) or you could have a more basic, all over color applied. If you’re feeling frisky, you could spice your nails up with a really bold color, like hot pink. Or go for something more dramatic, like dark red.


Since you’ve had all these scrubs, wraps, and oils applied to you throughout the day, it may be worth it to book yourself in for a wash and blow dry if your spa also offers hair services. Even if you’re not going out anywhere special in the evening, having your hair done is the perfect way to end your perfect, relaxing day.


If you can’t get away for an entire day, booking yourself in for even just one or two services can help all your stress melt away. Spas always have package deals, as well, which can help you save money. Full day packages often include a lunch and some half-day packages include a snack. If you’re feeling really luxurious, then look into doing an entire spa weekend at a resort. Resorts often offer couples or a best friend package so bring along a good friend or your partner to share in the relaxing experience.