Mommy and Me Classes

There are hundreds of ways to have fun with your toddler. You simply need to be creative and to think of ideas! Here, we offer a list of ideas for mommy and me classes that will help you to bond with your little one, to use up his energy, and to have fun together.  While these are called "mommy and me" classes, they are certainly appropriate for "daddy and me" as well.  Daddy can have just as much fun enrolling in one of these classes as mommy can!

Enjoy the Melody

Almost every city in the world has a mommy and me music class. These are classes that are geared towards specific age groups and that teach children music appreciation. Most of these classes get the children involved, marching around the room singing, beating on drums and keeping the rhythm. Children love going to music classes - and research has shown that music can be highly stimulating for little ears.

The Next Picasso

While toddlers don't tend to be incredibly artistic - they sure do have fun trying. An art class is a fun way to interact with your child and to be creative. Undoubtedly, you will end up doing more of the art than your toddler will. However, an art class will expose him to new ideas and to creative ways to use his hands and his energy. You'll do finger painting, gluing and other fun activities that kids will love.

Tumble and Jump!

Gymboree, and similar exercise classes, abound. These locations offer mats and organized activities for you and your toddler. You'll generally find classes that last for about a half hour and that let the children run around on the equipment and enjoy. There may be a circle time as well and maybe some bubble making or parachute enjoying. The point of these classes is to have fun on the gym equipment, to burn energy and to interact with each other. You may, similarly, want to join a gymnastics class and help your little one to develop his early gymnastic skills.

I'm a Fish!

It's never too early to introduce your child to the water. Water classes help children to learn to enjoy their time in the water and to work on their early swimming skills. Most children don't learn to actually swim until much later, but a water class can help your toddler to get over a fear of the water and to have fun. Check with the local YMCA or other facility to see if there is a toddler swim class that you can join.

Story Time

Most libraries and many bookstores have set story hours. These are great places to take your toddler to on a weekly basis. Make it a special time for you and your little one. Let them pick out a book they enjoy first, before the official story hour and read it to them. Then, try to get your toddler to listen to the story that the librarian tells and to enjoy this time. Some toddlers will sit well and listen to a story while others won't. It's worth trying this experience, but if your toddler is unruly and simply refuses to sit still, this may not be the activity for you!

Finding a mommy and me class should be a fun and enjoyable activity. There are classes advertised in every city. Look in your local newspaper, in community newsletters and in religious handouts. Your church or synagogue might advertise such classes, as will the YMCA, the community center and other neighborhood facilities. Enjoy your time with your toddler and have more fun together today!

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