Christmas Crafts For Kids:
Holiday Windows

Although you’d never let your kids near your walls and windows with a crayon in hand, you can let them paint a temporary holiday scene on your window! It’s fun to do and easy to rub off.

You can use the following materials:
powdered tempera paints
clear dishwashing liquid
masking tape
paint brushes
plastic containers

Mix the powdered tempera paints with the dishwashing liquid until it reaches the consistency of house paint. You won’t need much dishwashing liquid! Pour the individual paints into plastic containers.

Let your kids go wild. If they need help with winter wonderful scenes, think people sledding down a hill; snowmen; the north pole; a sled pulled by reindeer through the sky.

To rub the picture window off, just use a dry paper towel to take off paint. That means this Christmas craft for kids is fun for you too!